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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Lotions and potions, snake oil or youth in a bottle

I read an article in the Sunday magazines recently asking whether skin creams really work.  What do you think?  The article was saying that Rodial had made claims for a number of products that were being investigated, the author was asking whether even if the claims were unsubstantiated, is the feel-good factor from buying and applying this stuff  what really counts?  Is the cost of these creams justified by the research and development that has gone into them, or is it really just the cost of the marketing that makes them so expensive?

For example, I love the concept of Creme de la Mer, the story behind it, the beautiful packaging and displays in the plush department stores, the exclusivity, the silver probe used to apply the eye cream etc etc.  However, I have once had the actual Creme and found it gave me spots, even when I used it sparingly, warmed it in the palm of my hands etc etc.  I had a tiny sample of the eye cream and took it as a special treat on my skiing holiday - I applied it carefully and sparingly after a day in ski goggles, and when I woke in the morning I looked as if I had taken part in a boxing match my eyes were so puffy!  Equally though, when my daughter burned her wrist with a splash of hot gravy she tried some of the new serum and it instantly soothed.

What do you think?  Is it all hype or does this stuff really work?  Have you found something you think really does the job and is it cheap and cheerful or $$$$?


  1. on my body i use almond oil for grapeseed oil....i put that on my face at night too...during the day i use an organic moisturizer ...pure and natural just makes sense to me....

  2. just read this one aloud as well to my husband-- we love your writing and sense of humor.

    I have tried Kinerase and like most of their products, and a Korres product that reminded me of Play-doh because of its scent-won't use that anymore.

  3. Mermain gallery - I use something called Bio Oil on my body which soaks in and does the job really well - it's good for scars and stretch marks too.

    Miss Bliss - I haven't heard of Kinerase but I know the Korres one you mean - I'm not a fan of food scented cosmetics in general, especially flavoured lip glosses