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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Harem Pants - triumph or tragedy?

After a quick spot of style advice - last summer I searched for a pair of Jaeger London black silk harem pants to no avail, then last week I was in the Jaeger outlet store and found the very same with 50% off the original £150 price tag. The photo is courtesy of Bazaar and does not actually feature the Jaeger pants, but they are similar, perhaps a little wider across the hips and very flowing, great for lounging around at home, or for evenings on holiday with sparkly sandals - I wont be going to the pub in them any time soon.

So the advice I am after is this - am I a season too late and is it a tragedy, or are they a classic and I have bagged myself a bargain? Reason for my uncertainty is that I already have lots of clothes that I don't wear and I don't want to add to the collection, I have 7 days left for a full refund, or I may wear them this evening when we have friends coming for supper. I would be very grateful for any words of wisdom.