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Conspicuous Consumption - boring diet pages - goal achieved

A daily account of food consumed with the hope of losing a few kilos and fitting into a little black dress by the end of November.  Started on a Friday deliberately to shame me into eating less and cutting back on the alcohol.

Friday 15th November

Breakfast - 3 egg omelette with sliced tomato, glass of fresh orange juice, espresso

Snack - 2 treacle toffees (good start)

Lunch - Wrap with chorizo and butterbean filling, slice of chocolate and nut cake with stewed apple.

OK - DON'T THINK THIS IS WORKING - it is boring to read, so I am just going to log the BAD calories and the GOOD exercise - honestly not a great time to start and do this because after lunch on Friday, it went downhill for the weekend - to include

2 large G&Ts, several glasses of red wine, crips, olives, home made very thin pizza, then more chocolate cake
Saturday - Mimosas for breakfast with birthday girl, chocolate birthday cake - the one I made at Slattery's which was lovely if a little rich, then and this is probably the worst part - fish and chips (Yorkshire of course), and an evening meal at the Salusbury of Venison and morello cherries with 2 campari and sodas.

Sunday - BIKE RIDE to pub - 4 white wine spritzers

No this is really boring, not doing bad on the eating front, but have let the exercise slip this week in favour of housework, and wardrobe sorting.  Monday is the beginning of a new me!

Actually today - Wednesday is the 27th ie exactly one month away from the wedding where I have to fit into the dress - and so today is the beginning of a new me and so far (it is 15.30) I am doing well - no alcohol (I should think not at this hour), nothing unhealthy, and a 3 mile uphill walk - so far so good - I am not getting on the scales, I am just going to try on my dress each week and look for an improvement in the fit.  I can't have put on very much size because my winter clothes which I have just un-hibernated fit comfortably :-)

We will call this closed now - because I know exactly what is required of me to be the size I want to be - I got into the dress easily on the 27th, but over that weekend I slipped back into carbs and alcohol and less exercise resulting in putting back half of what I had lost!  In order to look and feel how I want to feel I have to be strict about over indulging without being boring. Kate Moss may have been right though when she said "nothing tastes as good as being slim feels" :-(

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