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Thursday, 28 July 2011


Inspired by the lovely Wildernesschic, I am writing about feet and more specifically about footwear.  I am a child of the Seventies, or rather I was a teenager in the Seventies, which means I did platforms the first time around and is why I baulk at them now (on me, not on others).  My first pair were yellow patent leather which I wore with a navy and white spotty A line skirt and a knitted halterneck top, when I tired of them (and I can only write this now that Dolcis is in liquidation) I wore them to go shopping in Bradford, ripped the heel off and hobbled into Dolcis demanding a solution to my problem, which was a new pair of shoes.  Quite entrepreneurial for a 15 year old on Saturday girl wages at a local hairdressers.  I replaced them with a different style of yellow platform shoes, with a wood stacked heel and platform.

When I wasn't wearing platforms, I was wearing Dr Scholls - which might explain the footballers' calves I seem to have to this day

In the childbearing years I gained 3 stone and 4 stone with my two pregnancies, that sort of weight on your feet turns them quite piggy - and in fact I went up from a size 5 to a size 6, and even when the pounds melted off, the feet were never quite the same. 

I have had espadrilles - what exactly is the point of shoes which mop up water in a British climate - have you ever experienced your shoes getting heavier and heavier to the point where they drop off your feet, and don't even mention the smell!

I have had gladiator sandals that wrap all the way up to your knee and are the devil's own job to keep up, then once you take them off your calves have a fetching plaited pattern on them.  And talking of patterned calves, I love to wear skinny jeans under boots - but no chance of slipping into a little black dress and stilettos any time soon after wearing that look - my calves will be positively origami-esque.

I adore shoes though, I keep the original boxes, the shoe bags, the tissue, all neatly stacked in my wardrobe.  I don't own any Manolo's but I do have a pair of Gina's, a few Louboutins, and Jimmy Choos, some cherished snakeskin Rene Caovilla's with tiny rosebuds on, but I think my favourites for style and comfort are probably Prada or Miu Miu.  The problem is I live in a tiny Welsh village, and I don't get out enough!  When we go out it is usually to our local pub which is a very casual affair - I have been known to do heels but not very often.  When I shop I need comfort otherwise my trip will be cut short because of the bad temper that develops when my feet hurt.  Same goes for fabulous weekends away, I have noticed that all Italian, French and Spanish cities have delicious cobbled pathways which ruin stiletto heels, and sight-seeing calls for comfort again.

Where do you stand on toe-cleavage?  My Louboutin Decoltissimos show a lot of cleavage and I love it - I have them in tan and in leopard, but I love this photo of the pink ones

What about thongs, haviannas, flip flops, fit flops - another workout for the calves and pure punishment the first time you get them out for the season, have you ever watched a man in flip flops (especially when he is a toe virgin)?  But a gorgeous way to shoe off a perfect pedicure in an outrageous colour with a lovely tan.

In a final blow for stilettos, the wooden floors and expensive carpets we have in our homes mean a "leave your shoes at the door policy" almost everywhere, so I now resort to wedges but I have to say that they are up there with flats when it comes to a curvaceous calf ie don't even think about it.

Something really spooky has just happened - my friend D has just sent me a thank you present (and I mean right this minute dropped off by her daughter) which is a book entitled "Fifty Shoes that Changed the World"!  Off to read it now, will let you know if I am further inspired.


  1. i have big other word for them...they are size 10...i do not call attention to them....lucky that my life is casual too!

  2. Mermaid gallery I expect you are tall too, so wouldn't want to be teetering around on heels (my other half is only slightly taller than me so I do err towards a lower heel most of the time). There is a lot to be said for casual too!