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Monday, 8 November 2010

Gap and Valentino

The Zara Dress

Danni Minogue in the J'Aton Couture cream lace
The River Island sequin skirt

I am absolutely desperate to own some of the Gap/Valentino collaboration, it is just as you would imagine, a mixture of feminine frills and soft cargo - I have trawled the internet for a photograph but cant find one yet, it apparently launches on 27 November, at the Oxford Street branch of Gap - perhaps it will be available on line too. I am going to be in London on that weekend, but will be at a wedding (the one I am slimming for so that I can wear my chosen frock and feel good). There are photos in this week's Sunday magazines, and in either Vogue or Bazaar, in the meantime I have bought a fantastic skirt from River Island which will be perfect for lots of Winter occasions - I can even see myself cooking Christmas lunch in it - from the photo above it looks gold, but the overall effect is more black/bronze, very versatile and not bad at £49.99.

I also tried out Zara Online and was really impressed with the service - my dress arrived beautifully packaged and wrapped in tissue, unfortunately the fit was poor - the look I was aiming for was that in the Danni Minogue picture, the look I got was a bit too bridal, even over skinny jeans or leggins, it has to go back, and actually I think that Zara has gone a bit pricey considering the quality - I bought a cashmere sweater in a lovely pale blush colour and after one very careful hand wash it looks like something from a jumble sale - it may have to go back too, the Zara one was the same price as the cashmere in M&S but nothing like the quality.


  1. Love the skirt,haven't shopped at River Island before.
    I bought a couple of cheap polo sweaters from Zara last year and they've washed very well though You have to buy a large size.
    Have you looked at Mango on line? Recently bought a dress from there for the first time which Im really happy with.

  2. NS - no I haven't looked at Mango, will give it a go, the skirt is really lovely, just slips on, no zips and a smooth waistline. I do love Zara for the design but agree the cut is tiny

  3. am sooo loving that skirt... and the price,uber-attractive!!

  4. Dear Mrs P, the skirt is gorgeous!

    I'm sorry I haven't been in touch my mail has crashed and your email was lost in amongst a load of junk. Apologies for being so bad at replying.

    Hope all's well with you xx