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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Evening Classes

This is my cake!

Well I have just finished a course of 5 evening classes on Cake Decoration - for no other reason than they were offered gratis to people living in rural areas of Wales. I fancied brushing up on stuff I learned in my teens, and what do you know it pretty much came back to me albeit with a bit of a struggle against the less steady hand and the dodgy eyesight. We may be able to pay for a follow on course which I would love, in just 5 weeks a group of us managed to produce a fully decorated cake complete with sugar paste roses, leaves and royal icing shell piping. Mine is going to be a birthday cake for the lovely man on Sunday - although it is a little on the feminine side with lilac and ivory roses - I added a treble clef symbol to make it a little more fitting (he plays guitar, clarinet and saxophone) - photo to be added once it is taken.

Anyway, the purpose of the post is to say that I have really enjoyed actively learning again, last year I took up skiing, this year cake decorating, who knows what next year (I do have a yen to try pole dancing or burlesque or both but that sort of thing doesn't really happen up here in Wales as far as I know).


  1. I quite fancy the pole dancing :P .. I am ok until real life sets in dark nights and late school runs.. book club is about all I can manage. I did enjoy Salsa in Denbigh that was fun xx

  2. What a beautiful cake! Not sure a bout the pole dancing LOL

  3. Did you make that cake? Impressed.
    Actually I could quite fancy pole dancing too.

  4. Ruth, I did Salsa in Denbigh too and I loved it - might try to find the classes again since I think burlesque and pole dancing are unlikely around here.

    Pearl and NS I have now uploaded my cake photo - not quite as good as the professional one, but not bad.