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Monday, 15 November 2010

Not Happy

Another odd post but I would appreciate your thoughts. My parents were recently called into their GP Surgery for a Health Check, what actually happened is that their medication was changed from the branded dose prescribed by their separate cardiologists, to a different less effective and more toxic generic drug. I understand that this was done covertly - as though it was like for like, without any health check to speak of, and the result of this was that a week later having taken the new drug, both of them had severe pains in their legs, my Dad couldn't make it to the gym because of the pain. Another appointment was made (they regularly complain that they can't get appointments without a 2 week wait, but on this occasion the appointment happened within the week). They were told that the NHS has to save billions of pounds and that they have to take a cheaper medicine than that prescribed by their cardiologist, their medication was changed again, this time to a lower (and much less effective) dose of another drug.

I feel very angry about this, my parents have worked and paid tax and national insurance all their lives, they have had private medical insurance too, and my Dad has been treated for colon cancer privately - they have saved the NHS enough money already! The result now is that they feel they should not bother to take the drug at all, where previously they were happily complying along with their Omega 3, garlic capsules, aloe vera etc etc. Just to put this into context, the drug they were taking was a potent statin to lower their cholesterol and prevent them from having a stroke, or a heart attack. If in the near future either of them should have any sort of cardiovascular event, then their GP will have some detailed explaining to do.


  1. This is a difficult situation, I feel for you but alas have no advice beyond possibly going along with your parents to see the GP? At least then you can look at the whites of his eyes and let him know you'll give him hell if...although that is the worst case scenario, surely?

    Take care,

    Helena xx

  2. I think maybe it will come to that - not issuing threats, just asking if he really thinks his actions have been in the best interests of my parents, and how he might feel if his parents were treated similarly. Thank's Helena

  3. Oh dear, oh dear. Of course, you should phone up the doctor and complain. The reason the world is in such hideous shape is because all of us have become sheep (who follow anything). Here in the USA we will soon be facing this same problem thanks to the socialistic Obama-care.

  4. This is awful. I hope you get it sorted .. I lost faith in Doctors many years ago I have a lovely one in Denbigh, but they are all human being subject to error and sometimes too much so.
    I also think considering that there are so many old people alive now, they re victims of an ageist society xx

  5. Yes, it is happening in Canada too....the pharmacy started sending my Mom generic brands. You would only hope that the generic brands were the same as the name brand. If they are is certainly not the same medication. Worth pursuing further....squeak and scream usually works....

  6. My sister has SVT and has opted to take medication for it rather than the keyhole surgery(its the condition Tony Blair was reported s having).
    Her GP altered her medication after she was prescribed by a heart specialist,the new tablets didn't suit her.
    I think that GPs are generally qualified across a broad spectrum but should not change prescribed medication which has been made under a specialist area.They cant possibly know everything about every possible illness.
    Go with them and explain whats happened and ask for their original mediaction to be reinstated.