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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Your money or your life?

It's been an unusual news week and poses a question for me - who would you prefer to be, or rather who is luckiest, the winner of the euromillions £113 million, or a Chilean miner ? - all 33 released last night after 69 days underground. Time really is the one thing that money cannot buy. I have found it difficult to follow the updates about the miners, this because just the thought of the darkness and confined space is enough to create panic and claustrophobia in me, it is my big fear. However I have no trouble daydreaming about what I might do with £113 million pounds (it's never going to happen because I don't do the lottery!) So this morning when I heard the news that the last miner had been safely brought up in the capsule I imagined the joy that he and his family must be feeling, and really winning the lottery couldn't compare could it?


  1. I don't really think we can ever imagine that kind of release of stress and anguish. Such a life changing event would haunt you....winning a lottery would be pain free.....

  2. feeling hormonally challenged, everytime I heard about the miners it made me weep........even worse when they got out!! So thankful it had a happy ending.......

  3. You have been so busy blogging I need to catch up on your posts .. I hope you had a good time in Italy xx