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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I spent last night clutching a bottle of chilled white wine - now retitled An Aga Saga, by Joanne a trollop

But not for the usual reasons - stressful day at work? No, dealing with small children? No, row with the lovely man? No, plumbers/carpenters/electricians? No..............................I picked up a pan which I had just taken out of the oven...................words cannot describe - well they can, but not here. I was multi-tasking which is normal for most of us, and I committed the range owner cardinal sin - save money and reduce cooking aromas by using the oven rather than the hob, lift pan out of oven using oven gloves, move pan on hob with bare hands. I wouldn't care but I always warn anyone who comes near the kitchen about this, I always put on a handle cover, but on this occasion I didn't. I rushed to the sink and ran the cold tap, which always runs warm for the first few gallons because of proximity to hot water pipes. I warmed the burn a little then ran back to the hob where the garlic I had been lightly toasting in the oven was now burning - this time I did use the handle cover.
So when I eventually sat down to eat, it was with my left hand, whilst my right one was chilling on the wine (obviously had a glass at this point to soothe and calm). I Googled the doctor and found that you should never put anything ice cold on a burn, you should cool it and then cover it with cling film or a bag, so I spent the rest of the evening languishing on the sofa, feeling sorry for myself with my hand in a ziploc bag - very glamorous, but it did work, and I only have a tiny blister on my ring finger to show for all the pain (wouldn't be typing this otherwise).


  1. OMG I feel your pain.. I am nursing .. apart from my sore throat, sorry scratched and swollen throat.. a blister on my knuckle the size of a 50p piece which has burst today and fingers.. lightly toasted .. all from multi tasking and drinking on Sunday all Aga burns.. Hope you are ok fast xx

  2. burns are terrible...especially on the hard working hands....have another glass of wine....feel better! aloe vera is good too....

  3. Thank you ladies for your thoughts, I am now fully recovered and vow to never do it again until the next time!