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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Eyes Have It

I mentioned some time ago when I was tagged, that I love permanent eyelash extensions but was concerned about having them with my newly acquired contact lenses. Well the story progresses, I had a break from the extensions and found that underneath them, my own lashes seemed to have grown thicker and longer - wasn't what I was expecting at all. When I have extensions, I only use eye liner (Buried Treasure Powerpoint by Mac - fantastic go with everything colour), but now that I am extension free, I use Lancome - a sort of white undercoat called Cils Booster, followed by their vibrating mascara in black, and I like the results. However I was out with a friend recently and thought she was wearing falsies, but actually she had been using Rapidlash serum, and it does really work - I am a week into using it and am convinced - if mine look like hers do after a month, then the extensions will be no more.

So onto the subject of contact lenses - I had 20/20 vision until about 4 years ago, when I suddenly needed bright light to see restaurant menus - I had a moment's revelation in Scott's when I asked for a torch to look at the menu, and a pair of reading glasses were proffered! Or had to hold things further away from me to focus. I reluctantly had an eye test, and sure enough I needed reading glasses, now I realise this sounds naive, but I did not know you could easily buy these things off the shelf, and the optician was in no hurry to tell me this either, I struggled to find anything I thought suited me and didn't make me look like an old lady, and in the end settled for a pair of nude coloured MaxMara frames - a cool £300. No sooner did I have these things, than I noticed I was holding stuff away again to see it clearly, I never had them with me when I needed them anyway (in a hotel shower, how can you tell the shampoo from the conditioner from the shower gel - you can't without being able to read the label - in fact on a recent Italian trip, my hair was exceptionally soft because I used sodding body lotion instead of conditioner - actually it did really improve my hair and totally banished any frizz). So as fast as you buy reading glasses you need another pair - you need them in every room in the house unless you are going to wear them on a chain around your neck (no I am not) or on top of your head (yes sometimes) or worst of all keep them on all the time and peer over the top of the frames (never). I bought cheap glasses after I left my Maxmaras in the seat pocket in front of me on a flight to Malta and they were never handed in.

Re the looking like an old person thing, behaving like one is worse - not being able to see when you have missed a bit of food on crockery you hand wash, or that there are cobwebs everywhere, or that your make-up is smudged, or the bathroom tiles need cleaning- all things your eagle eyed offspring will cheerily point out, and that will horrify you when you can see. So I needed to get my eyes sorted.

Things got worse or so I thought when I visited a large American wholesale outlet for an eye test because the TV screen was now a little blurry and some road signs were too small at a distance, and was told I needed to wear glasses all the time -" I don't think so " I said confidently, "I will have my eyes lasered or I will wear contact lenses!" The optician was happy for me to book in for a trial of contact lenses, and this was when everything became clear - another female optician helped me, she was a contact wearer herself, she boosted my confidence about managing them and told me that to cope without them for distance I could buy a pair of off the shelf +1.50 glasses, and to improve my reading with lenses in, I could use the same +1.50s - it works a treat. As I left her room my phoned buzzed, I was meeting my son outside, I went to find my glasses and realised I could see who was calling me - amazing, I met him and we wandered around the store, I was thrilled to bits with my new eyes until we saw a row of flat screen tellies and all were completely blurred, thankfully my technowiz son could point out that they were 3D TVs and I needed special glasses to see the picture LOL.

The lovely lady optician had left her job the day after my consultation with her, which explains her lack of another agenda re selling me more glasses, and her supportive attitude if I wanted to have my eyes lasered. When when I went for follow up, the new optician tried to convince me that I needed to buy glasses for lens free days, I agreed to consider his advice but I am actually managing fine with True Eye lenses every day, I wouldn't rule out laser treatment but they seem to be coming up with better methods of doing this all the time. Anyone got any comments or advice it would be much appreciated x


  1. Dear Jo, unfortunately I can't offer any advice re glasses or contacts. My eyes are fine at the moment, I dread them going though.

    I've been hearing good things about Rapid Lash too xx

  2. Thanks Christina, the Rapidlash does seem to be working. I remembered a worse example of needing to wear glasses - I spooned salsa from a pot in the fridge onto a quesadilla I had just made and didn't realise until I tasted it that it was mouldy - gross!