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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Autumn in North Wales

Spurred on by Hestia's Larder, I have been foraging locally and as a result we have been eating mostly purple food - figs, blackberries, damsons all mixed with Bramley apples from our tree. Last night I made damson cheese from a recipe in Roast Figs and Sugar Snow (it is the most amazing shiny jelly which you serve in small cubes with cold meats and cheeses), and today from the same book I am preparing Georgian Lamb which has damsons and spices to make a rich sauce. The kitchen is a lovely place to be on windy autumnal days, and since it is National Cupcake week (apparently?) I may make some peanut butter cupcakes too - crunchy peanut butter in the sponge, smooth in the topping - fab - and these of course will be a great help in the forthcoming diet (diets always start next week in this house).

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  1. It's important to remember that you have been eating a LOT of purple food. Otherwise, in a couple of days you're going to think that you've got something SERIOUSLY wrong in your bowels somewhere.

    Ali x