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Monday, 27 September 2010

Italian Adventure Part Two

Everything is now planned - apologies for the lack of blogging, but the amount of time I have spent booking travel and accommodation has left precious little over for the usual day to day stuff and now I am immersed in a packing dilemma. Obviously it is Italy so I have to look effortlessly stylish but that has to be within the limitations of flying with Ryanair and the tiny baggage allowance, that plus the fact that the weather forecast for the week looks like everything except snow - my daughter was in Florence last week and was suffering heat exhaustion in a vest and jeans, whilst the locals were parading around in boots, coats and hats!

So - how many pairs of sunglasses? Whilst I have this theory that if I don't take any, the sun will shine so much I will have to buy some, I do have an extensive collection gathered over the years which begins with Raybans from the eighties and ends with Oliver Goldsmiths "Sophia" (I do actually own the goggle-ish white pair - bought in Amsterdam after inhaling some second hand smoke I think! and however on trend they are, they simply do not suit me). Now you can understand why the packing is taking so long when I can't even make a simple decision about sunglasses, don't get me started on heels and comfy shoes, or dressy for the evenings, or how many handbags is reasonable?


  1. I only own one pair of sunglasses, so am not best placed to comment.

    Handbags - big one for stuffing things into for day, small one for evening. Someone else can be responsible for evening stuffing :-)

    Ali x

  2. My experience is that everyone is far more relaxed over there I would pack jeans a good jacket heels and flats..scarves and jewellery to mix it up and make it as capsule as possible. ...Dont forget to have fun xx

  3. oh lordy the capsule collection dilema....I think sunglasses make everything look glamorous and allow you to stare at people unobserved whilest sipping your espresso....i have a fab vintage pair in leopard print but they are a bit heavy and a glorious stripy Prada pair...from my special second hand shop...known as the glasses of joy!!

  4. Thank you ladies for your help - Ali agree that the evening stuffing is an important part of the holiday ;-} Ruth perfect advice especially the bit about fun x and Young at Heart I love my sunglasses too - you need to do a post on them.

  5. Dear Mrs P, I would say at least two pairs of sunglasses in case you lose one and definitely only two bags. Have a fab time xx