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Sunday, 1 August 2010

The morning after

Unfortunate consequences to my perfect pampering and shopping day - an all day hangover. The irony is that in our lovely champagne induced haze, N and I had discussed dieting and decided not to, but instead to ditch all the crap (crisps, dips, chocolate, cake, biscuits etc) and minimise the alcohol intake, maybe even switch from wine to neat spirit shots or low calorie cocktails - a martini or a cosmopolitan and sip it slowly.

So here I am today, never wanting to touch a drop again, but eating anything I can get my hands on, for breakfast a Nigella chocolate and sour cream cupcake (delicious) with a healthy nectarine then an hour later orange juice, espresso, crispy bacon and Jamie Oliver pancakes (how am I going to diet when I love to bake and cook so much?) I did have a brief lapse into healthy mode when we went out for a long bike ride, but didn't feel any better for the exertion. Then as lunch time approaches, half a large packet of Tyrell's Chicken and Tarragon crisps and despatch other half to local butchers for pork pie and mushy peas with pickled onions and bread and butter (you can take the girl out of Yorkshire but you can't take the Yorkshire out of the girl), this followed by a huge cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit. I did drink copious amounts of water and by mid afternoon was feeling a lot better, enough to go for a long hill walk - perhaps I burned off the calories I had taken on earlier in the day. Blaming hormones not alcohol now, I had afternoon tea, another huge china cup of tea and chocolate wafer biscuits, and finally finished the day off in style with a good glass of red wine to go with ribeye steak and chips cooked by my lovely man.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day.. I like a good bloody mary when hung over and spicy eggs...but all and any food will do :)

  2. hilarious-- read this one aloud to my husband, too! it all sounds delicious :)

  3. Well thank you Miss Bliss, here we are a year on and a stone lighter - and when I read that back I know why! I have greatly moderated my drinking and I think that in itself has a knock on effect on food intake. But - off to London for the weekend (see my last but one post) and I have confirmation of champagne on the train.