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Sunday, 1 August 2010

A necessary Negroni (my version)

I know, yesterday I was sworn off the demon drink, and here I am Sunday tea time sipping a Negroni - my way

The Recipe - equal measures of gin, Campari and Martini Rosso with the juice of one orange (blood orange if available), shaken then poured into a hi-ball filled with ice and top with a slice of orange - a perfectly bitter pick me up - for a little less bitter, top with chilled tonic.

Reasons to turn to drink today:

It's raining again..............

I still don't know who pranged my car

An eye test at Costco reveals I have to wear glasses all the time - distance and reading, or I can try contacts - as I am fairly vain I am going to give contacts a real go - fingers crossed.

And worst of all, but putting the others into perspective:

I am walking around Costco aimlessly when I bump into someone I have not seen for 15 years. When the children were small we stayed at this lady's second home in Charente Maritimes for a couple of summer's, I have photos of my two in fields of sunflowers near the house on the wall in my hallway. After the usual how are you greetings, I ask if she still has the house and she tells me they had to sell it when her husband was diagnosed with leukaemia - he died two years ago. They bought the house as a shell and together renovated it into the perfect French country cottage, it was where they were going to spend their old age.

Impossible to shake off the feeling of outrage that life does this to people every day, then a realisation that you have just got to get on with it and enjoy the moments


  1. Oh god that is my greatest fear that we are so happy and when we eventually finish all this work one of us will get ill or something...pass me the vodka !! xx

  2. girl after my own hangover....It so often happens that retirement just isn't what you had hoped...that's why it's better to have your fun as often as possible....

  3. Thank you WC and Susan, I would like to think of myself as a glass half full sort of woman, we really must seize the day xx ps very excited to have two people leaving comments and loving my first attempt at blogging xx