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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The dog I will not be having

I have just been reading through my one and only attempt at blogging and realise that I sound a bit spoilt. I know I am, I know that I am extremely lucky but I take nothing forgranted, especially not my health or that of my family and friends. I know that time, health and happiness are things that money cannot buy.

It seems that I had a lucky escape this weekend, when someone came up with the idea of buying me an english bull dog puppy to replace my lovely old boxer dog - experience tells me that cute though they are, these little bundles are very destructive. I've got a name for her - Pansy as in Pansy Potter (if you are old enough to remember her) or for him Hattersley after a particularly bulldog-ish headmaster I once had.


  1. I have to come and see your pup, I love your blog you do not sound spoil I have been limiting my computer time but will catch up, I didn't see that you had posted xx

  2. Ahhh! I absolutely love bulldogs. They have wonderful characters! I used to look after my friend's Victorian bulldog, he was amazing. I posted about him here.

    Please post some pictures of yours xx

  3. Just reading back over this post and your comments - I didn't actually get a dog - I was just dreaming about one - I can't face feeling like I did when our 13 year old boxer Clyde died, and on another selfish note, I like being able to just go out without feeling guilty about leaving.