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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

An obsession

I think it might be my Leo birthsign, it isn't fond memories of Bet Lynch, but for some reason I am completely obsessed with animal print. I am drawn to any animal print item on the rails in any shop - I cant begin to count the number of animal print pieces I own, obviously I never wear them together, one piece or at the most two. My favourites are Lou Boo shoes (2 pairs), a Poste Mistress belt, and a D&G vest that goes with everything. However I have just discovered these beauties - big knickers, very vintage Sophia Loren (actually with a figure like hers she is probably strutting around in Wilderness Chic's Wicked Weasels), very flattering under clothing or worn alone, and best of all at a High Street price (£14 from Next) - couldn't get the photo to download but have a look on line at the reverse of these Bridget Jones pants - they have a transparent heart shape across the bum - delicious.


  1. I love a bit of Leopard print, like you I have some shoes and a bag, but I also own and wear especially to funerals a 70's leopard coat.. real Bet Lynch xx

  2. Leopard print to a funeral is brilliant - hope you dont need to wear it too often x

  3. I have tagged you on my blog if you fancy taking part, I hope all is well with you xx

  4. I do like a pair of Big Pants! not only do they cover a multitude of scars, but also look rather sexy!

    Love these!