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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Birthday Weekend

Sorry no post for a few days - been celebrating - I spent Thursday making a two tier birthday cake, for no particular reason other than I love to bake and thought my family would be around to join me at the weekend - so several hours and lots of chocolate and sour cream later I produced something similar to the picture, but with fresh raspberries and redcurrants for adornment - very pleased with myself.

The morning of my birthday brought beautiful prezzies including these fab Lou Boos, and the information that we were having dinner at the York & Albany that evening at 9 pm - so get packing! We had to have birthday cake for breakfast - didn't bother with the singing and candles though.

A long journey down included being parked on the M6 for half an hour (very funny incident when someone asked to use the loo in a camper van just as the traffic started to move, then ran along the fast lane back to their car) so made it for dinner at 10 pm. Fantastic room and amazing cote de beouf served with truffle fries and caramelised chicory. The whole weekend was filled with wonderful dining experiences, oysters in Bibendum whilst sheltering from the rain, then an early dinner in Scott's with a bottle of pink champagne, and finally Sunday lunch in Notting Hill outside in the sunshine eating fresh pasta with truffle and veal. I should be able to say the diet started on Monday, but I had my last birthday treat, lunch in Hale with my old school mate K - beef carpaccio with rosemary and garlic potatoes. Now the cutting back really has to start - relatively easy actually because my Rayburn has died, so we are living on salads until I can find someone to fix it.

PS We had a quick visit to London Zoo - hotel near by and imagined this would be a serious zoo - very disappointing - 3 gorillas, 2 lions, 2 tigers, all very tired looking - time for a refurb - felt very sorry for the hordes of families queuing to get in and part with large sums of money.

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  1. I adore your shoes xx
    Glad you had a lovely birthday fellow Leo xx