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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Very Disappointing

This morning I abondoned my pile of ironing in favour of supporting my local church by attending one of their coffee mornings - it was in a lovely country house about a mile away from my home as the crow flies (about 3 miles by car or on foot) - I wish I had walked but there was a threat of rain so I took my lovely little sports number - newly cleaned, and parked it safely in the driveway of said country house. When I left an hour or so later, a friend was admiring my wheels when I noticed a huge dint and scratches in the rear bumper - bad enough but worse is the feeling that someone I may know has driven off without telling me about it. I can drive it looking like this, and I might have to - I dare not look at how much the excess is and how much my no-claims bonus will drop by! I know it is only material stuff and it is health and happiness that are important, I just wish I could get rid of this gnawing feeling in my stomach


  1. My God did someone switch number plates in the car park ? Mine was damaged at tescos in exactly the same place only the light was also damaged. That was why I had the audi TT for a week that photo could have been my accident same bumper and side. Luckily the old man that did it stopped and told me, awful that someone has done that and not told you xx

  2. Did you see how much damage was done to the old man's car? - then I might know what I am looking for - our whole village is on the lookout - all very affronted that something like this could happen. Did you find a good body shop to put yours right?