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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

First attempt - a wardrobe dilemma

This is not your normal "what shall I wear" dilemma - it is more like how can I get to what I want to wear through all this stuff. I am sure there are plenty of women like me who keep all their timeless purchases but seldom wear them - preferring to shop by occasion and just collect clothes - unfortunately shopping is my hobby - I really need to have a radical cull of this wardrobe/dressing room - but where to begin. What I usually do is file unworn stuff away in an old suitcase, just in case my daughter might want to resurrect it at some date in the future - this means I can go to an eighties fancy dress party at the drop of a hat, and can kit out most of the other guests too - which reminds me I am missing a floral and denim ra-ra skirt and bejewelled denim jacket with shoulder pads. I have thought of enlisting specialist services to help, but I just know I wont be allowing anyone to throw out anything that has the remotest possiblity of being the height of fashion any time in the next decade.

Perhaps I need a thorough Gok Wan treatment - less is more, but that doesn't help with the hobby!


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  2. I am not the one to advise you on this as I live up to my name...Ruthless LOL
    I edit my wardrobe regularly and keep only really key pieces mainly jackets and coats .. but throw anything that I dont feel fabulous in away.. as I know I really will never wear it and if I did I would not be happy.
    I would rather wear the same thing more often, I have a more european approach, if I like something I tend to wear it to death. Where as here in Britain its almost seen as a sin to be seen twice in the same dress...bollocks enjoy your clothes xx
    Great blog will be following

  3. Well I would absolutely agree with you - but what about the fat days and thin days clothes - I only feel fabulous in some of the clothes some of the time - think my next post will be about how to always have thin days I wish!