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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Rome and Nice some photos

View from our balcony

At dusk

At night fall

The Colosseum

and again

Circus Maximus - the chariot race track

Terme de Caracala

A huge spa baths which could house 6000 guests in a day

One of the spa wet areas with drains and mosaic tiles

A well earned lunch break after all the sight seeing

Cocktails on the roof terrace

Roman cobbles on the Via Appia Antica
a road straight from Rome to Brindisi lined with Roman burial grounds

Rome to Brindisi by bike (well a couple of miles)

Gin and tonic at dusk (a recurring theme in my blog)

A night time swim


  1. it all looks fabulous! wonderful for you....holidays really make memories.....

  2. These are lovely photos! Rooftop drinks and the night swim-- and so much beauty! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Gorgeous photos. I love Rome - where did you stay?

  4. Thank you ladies for your lovely comments. MDS we stayed at the Hilton Cavalieri which is in a residential district called Monti Mario on a hill out of the city. The hotel has a free shuttle bus, or a taxi is between 11 and 17 euros. I have been to Rome 4 times now and stayed here twice - the price is similar to a central hotel but the place is far more luxurious, and when you are in Rome you don't really get the view. Hope that helps but feel free to e-mail me if you want more details.