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Sunday, 25 September 2011

EBay Virgin No More

Well after almost 2 years of procrastinating, I have finally done it and started selling on e-bay.  My first attempt is a couple of Chanel Le Vernis nail polishes which are just the wrong shade of nude for my skin tone, and the sales closes this evening.  It's really exciting, I think I have 20 watchers on one of them.

Then feeling brave after managing to get the nail varnish out there, I decided to try with some clothing, these sales end on Wednesday evening.  You can tell I am a hoarder, I have had this stuff for ages - perhaps I should have described it as "Vintage" but it will be lovely if someone else gets enjoyment from something I have moved on from.

Jessica McLintock velvet and brocade swing coat

Nicole Farhi Wool and Cashmere swing coat with faux beaver trim

A couple of Limited Collection cashmere slouch sweaters
Culling my underwear collection

Tight fit - brand new Fratelli Rosetti shoes UK 6.5 (his not mine!)

So, wish me luck, shame I don't know how to add the link so you can bid if you are interested.  Please no tips on why I should be keeping any of this stuff or how to transform into this season's must have!


  1. Hi, just found your blog.

    Hope you manage to sell at a good price.

    X x

  2. Good luck it is an effort but worth it xx

  3. Ooh just sold the Chanel polishes for £9.50 and £11.50 which I think is a result - they were just sitting in a drawer here!

  4. Excellent, glad you got some sales - small things are my favourite to Ebay cos you don't have to cart them to the post office!

  5. Hi Lakota I didn't realise you could just put stuff in the post - thought I had to get a certificate of posting? It's a nuisance for me because I have to drive to my nearest post office - only 3 or 4 miles each way but means I have to charge top price for P&P otherwise the cost of fuel wipes out the point of ebaying!

  6. Well done!! I couldn't cope without ebay, I am always selling things to make room for new! With regards to posting, you can post with out receipt but you wont be able to claim money back should it get lost in the post. I always get a proof of posting if under £46 and send special deliver if over so that everything is insured as I have had things go missing in the past and eBay will just refund the buyer from your paypal without even asking, so it is left up to you to claim from royal mail. If the ebay standard postage price isnt enough I always start the bidding high enough to make sure the postage cost is covered. But with inexpensive things I am sure it will be fine to chance chucking them in the post box!

  7. Thanks Pearl for the tips, I have saved them to my eBay folder! I feel a bit guilty because I usually send stuff to charity, but then forget I've done it and scour my wardrobe for stuff that's not there, at least this way I have a record of what's gone. Do you sell outside the UK? I have had a few requests from Europe and Asia and not sure what to do. Joanne x

  8. Mrs P - surely you should keep the cashmere jumpers as layers for when it gets cold!! How did it all go. I didn't get back to you before as a) have been so busy and b) it has been so sweltering but alas no more, last night as I walked over the Thames footbridge to the Southbank from work it was still warm at 8pm but today the temperature has dropped and suddenly it feels like winter is on the way. xx

  9. MDS - re the cashmere jumpers, I lost a stone (deliberately) and they were quite unflattering, I don't intend to put the weight back on (kept it off for around 9 months now) and want to feel good in what I'm wearing (although I agree cosy is important). Weatherwise here, it is blowing a hooley but still quite warm, although I did sneak a throw onto the bed in the middle of the night x

  10. My final comment on e-Bay is make people pay promptly - it's a nightmare when you sell 5 items to different people and 3 pay quickly and the others leave it a week - I expected that with Paypal payments would be immediate and I could post everything at the same time!