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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Should I get a dog?

Clyde in his favourite sunny spot
I know the answer to this question already really.  We had a lovely boxer called Clyde who was with us for 13 years, we have had a gap since he died of 3 years or more, and I keep softening.  After all I work from home now, so no problems with leaving a pet alone, I love walking, the company during the day might be nice ........but.......when I say lovely, we definitely had our moments Clyde and I, you know (or you do if you have had a dog) when they eat cow poo, when they snatch up your new purchase and dash into the road daring you to chase them, when they snore, when they fart in company silently, when they fart in company out loud (never sure which was worse), when you have to scoop the poop, when you know you bought bananas and courgettes but can't find them anywhere until they turn up half chewed under a bush in the garden months later, when your lovingly planted magnolia is uprooted and dragged around the lawn like a rag doll, when they sneak into a neighbours garage and snatch a full sized sweeping brush then toss it around near the pristine new car..................................Ok I think I may have talked myself out of it again.

Wearing a Damage T shirt to protect some stiches on his tummy

Then last week, whilst ironing I watched Marley and Me (my son describes it as a horror film for dog owners), and remembered how awful saying goodbye to your loyal friend always is (my first dog was a lovely alsation called Kim, I had him from being 7 to 21)......................and talked myself out of it again.

But I could have one of these

A bulldog and call him Gus
but what if I end up looking like my dog

Or another one of these - but we already know how much trouble these little boys can cause

Or what about any of these?

A cockapoo (hate the name)

A labradoodle

A cocker spaniel
What do you think?


  1. I am in the same state of mind! My old jack russell died a year ago and now I am yearning for another. I decided it had to be a rescue dog after reading all the sad stories. So i have found a 6 year old jack russell that was rescued from being euthanized. She has medical problems and needs a home. We have so much to give...and there are so many animals that need help....look there first. How cute are all those puppies!

  2. I have thought about a rescue dog, but I can't take one on knowing it has health problems already - too much heartache - I know if I went to a rescue centre I would come away with all those with the saddest eyes (not just one, but you have given me food for thought - let us know about your jack russell when you get her x

  3. Choosing a pup is so hard - your heart right away wants to say yes, but you also know the responsibility it takes and the eventual heartache you will experience. They bring the most joy and love and funny moments into our lives, it's hard not to choose one - especially when they are in the precious puppy phase. I really can't say what to do, but you will know when the time's right.

    Enjoy your blog - Am Your Newest FOLLOWER! Nice to meet you!

    Best Wishes,

    beachside cottage