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Thursday, 18 August 2011

About my boy

The happy couple and the lovely man

I did briefly mention in my London visit, that my son had announced his engagement when we met up as a family on my birthday evening.  It's an item that warrants more attention, the meal in the Hansom Cab (pub not taxi) was rubbish, and the atmosphere was lacking, so I decided we needed a real celebration.

I spent Friday shopping and cooking ready for a special family get together that evening.  To begin with, we had lychee rose martinis which I cannot recommend highly enough (well actually to begin with we had TFI Friday G&Ts because we couldn't wait for the whole gang to arrive).  Then with nibbles, we cracked open the champagne and I produced the meal which I had modelled on my previous Friday night at Tom's Kitchen (ambitious I know, but I think it worked out ok).  We had 7 hour lamb with local leg of lamb (which I think was a bit of a waste, shoulder is definitely the better cut for cooking long and slow) on a bed of cannelini beans and garlic, and then my piece de resistance, and instead of an engagement cake was a heart shaped Baked Alaska!

We had a lovely evening, we all had a bit of a head the next day but it was well deserved.

It was a moment I would have loved to glimpse in a crystal ball 26 years ago when he was a very poorly 2 year old with leukaemia.  I love a happy ending don't you?


  1. congratulations! that IS a happy ending! I have a son that had his share of problems so I can relate to happy endings like that! The baked alaska looks amazing. I have never seen anything like it! much less tasted it. A bit of a head could be expected after all that celebrating. Advil is a wonder drug!

  2. The baked alaska looks fantastic,one of my faves!

  3. I think I should confess about the baked Alaska - I did make it, but the sponge was panettone - soaked in Cointreau, slathered in home made apricot jam then topped with Hagen Daaz vanilla icecream - I whipped up the meringue myself! It was really easy and tasted delish x

  4. Congrats! That baked alaska looks stupedous *wanders off to eat a packet of kitkats*

    And it's HEART-shaped - that's so lovely!

    Ali x

  5. That certainly does require a lot of celebrating and it is a very happy ending! The baked alaska looks fab x

  6. Thank you all for the lovely comments, the happy couple have asked me to do their wedding cake - I am thinking a baked alaska!! Ha ha just as easy as a 3 tier cake if I have to get it over to Dublin on the ferry for an Irish wedding!

  7. Just stopping by to let you know I have moved my blog to - it isnt updating in blog rolls / readers so you need to replace the old link with this one - dont want you thinking Ive gone AWOL xx

  8. That really is a happy ending and what a wonderful Baked Alaska