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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Birthday Weekend

It's my birthday on Saturday, and I have just been told we are having a weekend away in London!  Fantastic.  I was wondering if I would see the children, my daughter is prepping for the Pure Exhibition, and my son is taking his girlfriend to her parents for the weekend, but it turns out we are all getting together for a drink on Saturday afternoon.  How lovely for me.  I don't know any of the remaining details, we are going by train on Friday and our friends N and A will be with us - so I am speculating as to the possibilities:

Champagne on the train?

Dinner in Scott's

Breakfast at the Wolesley?

A Saturday morning browse around Borough Market?

Oysters and Chablis for lunch?

Courtesy of Wright's Oyster Bar

Or what about afternoon tea at Peggy Porschen?

Sunday lunch at Osteria Basilica?

All that interspersed with the odd cocktail to lubricate the shopping, or a stroll around the Serpentine?

Who can tell?

Watch this space for the details.

Lucky girl.

PS if we do eat in all those lovely places I will be living on celery and water for a week to shed the lbs!

Pps any alternative suggestions for a perfect London weekend would be very interesting.

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