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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Blog Problems

This picture is called "Despair"
Finally I get back to my blog and everything is going wrong - I have lost all my followers, or at least all their pictures have gone, as has mine from my comments. I am desperately hoping that it is a problem with Blogger and not just because I have been absent for a while. It took forever to get the Fiat post to publish and again I think it may have been a problem with Blogger, although I did try some new things, like embedding and stuff like that (no idea what it means but seemed to manage it).
I am having an adventurous weekend on the technology front, I have decided to re-edit my wardrobe (inspired by many of you) and sell some of the better stuff on E-bay, I have had an account for ages, just not got around to using it, and I do generally take things I don't want anymore to the charity shop. However, the first item I want to sell is a Nicole Fahri swing coat which I bought with my first bonus 14 years ago, and now it makes me look like a bear - it needs someone slender and statuesque to show it to its best advantage. When I have a photo I will upload it, in the meantime, it is knee length on a tall person, black wool with a huge fake beaver collar which extends right down the front of the coat - I felt uber glam in it at the time! I will happily take any tips on how to sell if any of you have them x


  1. I've been having trouble with blogger too - maybe you need to update your Flash software to see the pix of your followers?


  2. Hooray, everyone's back and without me doing anything to make it happen, but thanks for the advice Ali x

  3. Hi there
    Nice to see you still at it :)
    I am experimenting with some fiction and the usual .. lol
    How long for I dont know but at the moment I am enjoying it again .. altho I had forgotten just how all consuming it can be xx

  4. Hi Ali and Ruth, thanks for your comments and for keeping at it, I am going to make a concerted effort again now that blogger seems to be sorted. Ruth the fiction is very moving x