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Thursday, 7 April 2011

On Magazines

I am a glossy magazine addict, I make no apologies for this, magazines have enhanced my life hugely, from Honey in the 70's where my leopard print addiction began, through Cosmo and the sex tips (where else would you learn apart from school friends?), then Woman's World (disappeared in the 80's), Vogue, Bazaar, Tatler, Marie-Claire, Red, InStyle,Goodhousekeeping (yes really), the odd Grazia, Ok and Hello! and Conde Nast Traveller. I haven't tried LOVE yet, but I will. All offering vast amounts of information on fashion, sex, food, travel, health, sex, relationships, beauty and did I mention sex?

I limit myself now to a subscription to Vogue, Bazaar and Goodhousekeeping, with Lonely Planet thrown in for good measure - all done through Tesco Clubcard vouchers thank you very much, so not quite as extravagant as it sounds, then a bit of a swap shop with N who has Red, InStyle, GQ and Esquire, not a bad deal all round.

I really regret letting my Dad get rid of my old Honeys and Cosmos carefully collected through my teens and taking up space in an old wardrobe, but when do you find the time to read them? I recycle my magazines now (apart from the travel ones) and when I pick one up in my hairdressers, even though I know it was once mine, I devour it as though I have never seen it before.

I wonder if I am the only woman who checks out the fashion in her latest Vogue, is horrified by the prices, and mentally skims through her wardrobe ticking off items which will fit nicely into current trends, if it's animal print I'm your man, not so much with the current colour blocking it's really too 80's for me to do it again, hey I'm still resisting platforms!

I don't rip the packing off and flick through as soon as they land on the door mat, I wait for a time when I will be able to savour them, with a cup of tea or better yet a glass of wine, and good light, nothing spoils the occasion more than peering in dim light through misty glasses so forget reading by candlelight in the bath if you are hovering around the half century mark.

I went through a stage of being undermined by the eternally slender, youthful (and airbrushed/digitally enhanced/cosmetically enhanced) women presented on the pages of these glossies, now I just enjoy the beauty and remember that when you were that age yourself you really didn't appreciate what you had very often, and as you grow more comfortable in your skin, you develop an inner confidence and a more relaxed attitude to the way you look, and I think have a better perspective on the things that really matter in life.


  1. I love them too...but it's a special occasion when I buy one now...I'm afraid they are on the way of the dodo bird, just like newspapers. In a feng shui fit I gave away my collection of Arch. Digest, and travel mags....just as well, i have other collections that threaten to take over my house...But I love a long wait at the dentist so I can get the latest fads looked at!

  2. oooh am a sucker for a glossy too although not nearly as much as used to be....I reckon I've read every article on celulite ever written!!

  3. You should have kept those Honey mags!

  4. I know, I know. I'm completely addicted. I'm surrounded. It's terrifying.

  5. love my magazines as well. After I left real estate (29) years, wow, I took some time off then went to school to become a home stager. I love it, I have decorated all of my life, so when I am creating I am living out my dreams. Take care.

  6. Oh I am a total glossie mag addict I gobble them all up in one go! I have to say I have become really bored of them all this last couple of months, there is never anything new and exciting. You mentioned Chanel Saharah beige on my blog, I havent see it yet but there is a new beige in the next collection out end of May might be worth a look x