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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Back to Work

I have had a full year at home, my grown up gap year, I would love to say that the house is immaculate, all the cupboards and drawers are tidy, the decorating is done and the garden is perfect, but I have to say that I really don't know where the day goes. I have travelled a lot and spent more time planning and booking the travel than actually being in the places we have visited. I have served home-cooked from scratch meals and nutritious packed lunches for the lovely man almost every day (don't underestimate how long this takes), and I have exercised lots. I have dabbled in cake decorating, loved it but very time consuming and not very financially rewarding, and I have spent lots of time being a lady who lunches catching up with friends. I did do a major wardrobe edit, getting rid of or packing away things that I would never fit into again, then a determined go at getting into one particular frock resulted in more than a stone lost - now everything is too big - hooray!

But, now I have a paid job - back into the world of pharmaceutical sales, but without leaving my house other than for training! It seems like the perfect compromise for me, working part-time from home and still using my brain. The reason for the post is to explain my absence for the next two weeks - I won't have chance to catch up with you all until the beginning of April.

Second reason for posting is that you are as young as you feel unless you are looking for employment, when it is nigh on impossible to get an interview. I have lost count of the number of jobs where I knew I was a suitable candidate but heard nothing after my application - ageism is a real issue for women, and although once you have an interview it is illegal for the age question to be mentioned, when you make your application the dates of your qualifications will often give your age away, and certainly many positions have an ethnicity questionaire which happens to ask for your date of birth, just for records - if you falsify this you are liable to instant dismissal should you get the job and be found out!


  1. Time off gave you some breathing time's so good to have unstructured time for awhile. Working at home is the best. I'm sure you will adjust and get more done than ever.....(except for cleaning cupboards, of course)

  2. Big huge congratulations on this wonderful new job! Ahh, yes, the eternal age question raises it's head. And, mostly because the people who will interview you are younger than we are, you know? Sounds like you found the perfect place so it was worth wading through the other messes.
    I need to lose a bit of weight so I loved reading your words. xx's

  3. Good luck with the new job it sounds perfect for you! There are so many things people discriminate about in interviews it really is such a shame, even things which are illegal such as ageism you can't often prove either which is so unfair. Look forward to hearing how you get on x

  4. Congrats with the new job! Let us know how the first couple of weeks go, on the blog!

    Ali xxxxx