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Thursday, 2 September 2010

This poem which reminds me of our story is taken from a book of love poetry which was a 10th anniversary present

At school, friendship is a passion. It entrances the being; it tears the soul. All loves of afterlife can never bring its rapture, or its wretchedness; no bliss so absorbing, no pangs of jealousy or despair so crushing and so keen! What tenderness and what devotion; what illimitable confidence, infinite revelations of inmost thoughts; what ecstatic present and romantic future; what bitter estrangements and what melting recriminations; what scenes of wild recrimination, agitating explanations, passionate correspondence; what insane sensitiveness, and what frantic sensibility; what earthquakes of the heart and whirlwinds of the soul are confined in that simple phrase, a schoolboy's friendship!


  1. Ditto - love it. I'd actually forgotten just how all-consuming my primary school best-friendship was. Thank you for sharing it!

    Ali x

  2. Thank you both - it was written about Eton - so male friends, but I remember some of those feelings when we started out at school where there is so much competition and so many hormones raging.

    Joanne x

  3. I loved this poem! found you through Splenderosa,

    I too remember the warmth spreading to my face, the hormones, the crushes, the "in" crowd. please come over and see if you like my new blog...
    I hope you like and read it. Beautiful day here today, hope yours is as wonderful!

  4. This is beautiful & so very true. Your message to me will be in my heart forever. Thank you so much. xx's Marsha

  5. that is truely lovely......and inspiring on this dull day!!