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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The problem with eBay

The problem with me is that I am at the computer all day, so I need to recognise that not everyone else out there is doing the same.

I am frustrated with eBay for a number of reasons:

Why don't people pay quickly so that you can post quickly?

Why don't people give you feedback?

Why when they do give feedback were they expecting something for nothing? (reason for photo of car boot sale - the good thing about eBay is that you don't actually have to meet these people)

Admittedly it is early days for me, I think I have sold about 30 items but I have certainly come across some strange buyers so far - I wonder what I am doing that attracts them?

The BIG LESSON I have learned is don't buy stuff in the first place, then you won't be spending hours at the computer doing your own virtual Jumble Sale!

To anyone who reads me, and whom I read, sorry for the absence, I have been reading just not commenting, got stuff going on.............................probably why I am ranting about eBay with little justification.


  1. I'm a good Ebayer, honest! I pay straight away, usually cos I'm hovering and frantically refreshing. But yeah, it's waaay too annoying to do much selling on, I can only cope with it if I know it'll be worth at least £20 to bother.

  2. LOL I have to laugh, whenever I buy something off ebay which is most days, I pay right away as I want is posted right away. I dont get why some people you have to chase for payment. I always find it is the people that pay the least that p**s you off too. 99p and they leave you neg feedback for no apparent reason gah it drives me mad. Although 99% of the time I love it so much!

  3. I am a seasoned eBay buyer and seller and it certainly has its frustrations....see above...but the whole process does speed up when you get in the zone, and watch out, it becomes quite addictive!! Best of luck with it. My first visit to your great blog.

  4. and that's exactly why I don't do ebay!!

  5. I have put up a couple of things on ebay and haven't managed to find a seller, but I really should make an effort to get a few things shifted.

    As a buyer I am a very good ebayer - paypal payments immediately. I don't know that I leave feedback *hangs head in shame* I promise to start doing that.

    Ali x