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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Love this but how to afford...................

From Miu Miu AW 11
And this one too

How beautiful are these two dresses?   They are way too expensive at around £2500 and £3500 respectively, I am hoping that someone like LK Bennett will do something similar - still quite expensive but within reach and still well cut, if Zara or H&M copy the look the cut will be awful and the material will be cheap and nasty.  They remind me of dresses I wore in my late teens, but I don't think it will be a case of mutton and lamb because they are so feminine and not particularly "trendy".  What do you think?


  1. Yes, indeed, they are wonderful outfits. Just consider them as inspiration, which they are to every other design company who is NOT in couture. Theory & Diane Von Furstenberg would be a good place to start. I totally understand what you're saying. xx's

  2. love the color of the first dress...kind of retro styling on helps to be a skinny thing....but, they are lovely....

  3. These are lovely. But wow, what a price! Have you got a sewing machine?

    Ali x

  4. Marsha - I will look out for DVF and Theory

    Mermaid - I think the coral one is my favourite too

    Ali - even working on a cost per wear basis, this price is crazy, and yes I do have a sewing maching which breaks down when I even look at it! Although I do have a neighbour in Shanghai who can have things run up in days.

  5. Hey what a coincidence, in the Sunday Times Style magazine yesterday, someone asked that very same question of Gemma Soames (Wardrobe Mistress) about the miu miu look without the spend - turns out that both Topshop and M&S have done something along those lines, as well as a company called Baby Ceylon so there is hope yet.