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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy 2011

Yorkshire Fish and Chips - the perfect hangover cure.

At last a quick chance to sit down and type for a moment or two - but not for long because going to a dinner party across the road at 7.30 - benefit I don't need to cook tea, downside - more booze!

I hope you all had a perfect Christmas, ours was wonderful, all the problems that might have occurred because of the very cold and very snowy weather thankfully did not - so the lovely man's parents joined us, I managed with the help of a neighbour's 4x4 to pick up the Christmas ham and pork from Narnia (otherwise known as Glanrafon in Tremeirchion), and we had no power cuts or pipes burst. The week prior to Christmas we did the Santa run to Yorkshire where our families are, and went to a family party too - the party was fantastic (celebrating 7 years since the kidney swap and a big birthday coming up), we got back to our hotel at 3 am and had full English breakfast the next morning followed by Yorkshire Fish & Chips for lunch (absolutely the best hangover cure).
We all had a lovely Christmas day, my lovely man excelled himself again on the gift front, as did my children and family - I can tick off most of the letter to Santa list!
I have lots of New Year's resolutions, main one is not to gain back the kilos lost in the pre-wedding/Christmas blitz! Anyone out there got any inspiring resolutions?


  1. I'm in mid resolution drinking until the holiday in Mexico starts....nothing imbibed since Christmas day...oh ya, I had a stomach flu....but still working for me!

  2. Glad you had such a wonderful time.I don't make resolutions as I always break them,then feel worse than if I hadn't made them at all! You were lucky to escape any mishaps with the weather,we had a couple of burst pipes but hopefully have seen the back of the snow for now.The fish and chips looked wonderful!

  3. Those fish and chips have made me hungry! Glad you had a great time xx