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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Been Skiing

Sorry it's been so long, I have been skiing for a week in Austria - had to include a photo of my skis because they look like Chanel ones - obviously they are not, they are Atomic Cloud Nines but they had Chanel quilting on and the italic handwriting looks as if it says Chanel. I rented the skis but otherwise I've got all the kit, I look as if I should be very good, but once I am on the slopes it is a different matter, my turns look like a circus clown with oversized feet.

The scenery is amazing, and it is not at all cold - even at minus 16 under all those layers, putting so much effort in to stay upright I was burning more calories than Pamela Stephenson on Strictly - seriously a week skiing is the only holiday I have had where I can eat and drink as much as I like without gaining an ounce. I am by turns petrified (I hate heights, speed and steep hills) and exhilarated, the air is like breathing in champagne, it literally sparkles when the sun shines. I am waxing lyrical about this holiday because last year was my first attempt at skiing and it was in a very rainy Switzerland, I loved every minute inspite of the weather and the long trek to the lifts, and this year with amazing weather and snow conditions, and a ski in ski out hotel was an absolute dream, I am hooked and hoping to return soon.
A must for any ski holiday (for someone of my years anyway) is a spa where you can ease the aching muscles - in most of Europe this involves nudity - you have to look at them but you have the option to drape a towel over yourself to stop them looking at you - it passes the time anyway whilst you melt away the pain - comparing wurst sizes and checking for pygmies in bushes bigger than Africa!!!!

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  1. You certainly look the part! Great pix by the way :-)

    I can't ski. But can slide gracefully down a mountain side apologetically on my arse like no-one else....

    Ali x