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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Wedding Happened

Our daughter was bridesmaid at a wonderful wedding in London last weekend, and we were invited - if you have been reading my blog you will know that I have been on a mission to slip into my little black dress -well I did it! 3 weeks of little or no alcohol, lots of exercise and hardly any carbs, and what's more I felt great for it. Unfortunately a weekend that started with champagne on the train on Friday morning and ended with Cosmopolitans with the X Factor results on Sunday evening did a lot to undo my hard work. Still back to it now (once the snow has melted and I can get away from the oven - I have baked spice loaf and mince pies, quiches and made home made soups, there is just something about snow that drives me into Nigella mode).

Anyway, back to the wedding, it had the perfect winter theme, and the weather matched exactly, a brisk bright London day, the event began at 3pm and the aisle was lit by cream candles in storm jars, the pews adorned with red roses, evergreens and berries. The bride's bouquet was of huge red roses interspersed with pearls. the corsages were red roses and berries too. The florist who had driven that day from a snowy North Wales had done an amazing job. The service was perfect, the bride and the bridesmaids were beautiful, the reception at the Berkeley was incredible and the groom's speech was a real tear jerker and nostalgically romantic. All in all an exceptionally special day.

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