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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Girly Gadgets

First of all the Boots Smooth Skin - permanent hair removal system. I bought this about 6 months ago and although it is quite expensive it really does work, and I have not had to pay for waxing since I bought it, so you would have to say that it is cost effective. It is fairly time consuming and you need to do it once a week at a time of year when you do not have a tan and are not exposed to the sun, and for me involves magnifying mirrors and reading glasses and very good light all at the same time, but I now have smooth armpits and legs, the bikini line is a little more stubborn (and painful, but nothing compared to waxing) so all in all definitely worth the effort and expense.

And then the Tresemme volume styler which I managed to buy from Sainsbury's on special offer at £16.95 - the difference between my old hot brush and this ceramic styler is incredible - it smooths my curls and gives volume too, as well as drying very quickly - in fact I think the top setting is probably too hot, but there is a optional cool blast to finish your style.


  1. How does the hair removal work? I am intrigued xx

  2. Hi Ruth, I think it is essentially a laser, you apply gel to the skin after you have shaved (hairs should be no more than 1mm long) press the trigger, a bright light flashes (you should not look directly at it) and you feel a tiny prickling sensation, then move to the next patch of skin, it takes a few weeks but the hairs just stop growing. It only works on darks hairs on pale skin, hence the no tan, not even a fake tan, but it is a permanent end to waxing

  3. Dear Jo, the hair removal sounds interesting...

    I got a Babyliss Big Hair for Christmas. I love heated brushes but am not keen on this one as the brush just fluffs through your hair. The Tresemme sounds much better. I'm off to look one up. Thank you xx

  4. Hi Christina - and thank you for your comments on all my posts, my daughter and some of her friends have gone out and bought the Tresemme styler it seems to work on curly and straight hair brilliantly - hope you like it x